OKIRO Voice Alarm Clock

Make your morning more fun.

In Japanese, “OKIRO” means, “Wake up!”

OKIRO Alarm Clock allows you to send your actual voice to wake up your friends with a loud “OKIRO!”

You can send your voice as a supporter to wake up your friends at a set time.
The supporter’s voice acts as the alarm sound.

In the event that you have alarms from multiple supporters, OKIRO will mix up their voices to wake you. If you have no alarms from supporters, a supporter robot will wake you instead.

If you wish to send an OKIRO supporter alarm, but can’t record your own voice (for example, on the train or in a place where a loud voice would be inappropriate), you can choose a sound from a selection within the app. You can select from a UFO sound or any number of interesting sounds.

Whose voice do you want to wake up to?
Friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend?
You’d definitely wake up at the sound of your boss’s voice. It’s a special wake up call from the special people in your life.

A new way of waking up

You can wake up to the sound of your friends’ voices, instead of a preset sound.
Preset sounds are mechanical, annoying, and easy to sleep through if you get used to them.

If you set an OKIRO alarm and sleep through it, your supporter will know. Have your girlfriend act as an OKIRO supporter and never be late for a date again. Have your boss act as an OKIRO supporter and never be late for work.



-The alarm will not sound if your device is not charged/powered on.
-The alarm may not sound if your device is on power-save mode.
OKIRO is still in development.
Please give us feedback. We’re always looking to improve OKIRO.
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